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WOM PRESENTS: The Maxime Mandrake & Friends Magic Show

The Maxime Mandrake & Friends Magic Show!

After winning over audiences last winter, Maxime Mandrake, Bruno Vairone and Yann Lejeune are back to celebrate spring with even more extraordinary shows!

New and never-before-seen magic tricks, revisited classics... Experience magic like you've never experienced it before!

This time, the magicians will be performing their tricks on a revolving stage, right in the centre of the audience. With a 360° view, who knows, maybe you'll discover their secrets?

Practical information

One magic show a day performed by one of our professional magicians, including Maxime Mandrake, gold medallist at the World Arts and Performance Championships.
Saturday 6 April - Maxime Mandrake
Sunday 7 April - Yann Lejeune
Saturday 13 April - Yann Lejeune
Sunday 14 April - Maxime Mandrake

Monday 29 April - Maxime Mandrake
Tuesday 30 April - Maxime Mandrake
Wednesday 1 May - Yann Lejeune
Thursday 2 May - Maxime Mandrake
Friday 3 May - Maxime Mandrake
Saturday 4 May - Yann Lejeune
Sunday 5 May - Yann Lejeune
Monday 6 May - Bruno Vairone
Tuesday 7 May - Maxime Mandrake
Wednesday 8 May - Maxime Mandrake
Thursday 9 May - Maxime Mandrake
Friday 10 May - Maxime Mandrake
Saturday 11 May - Bruno Vairone
Sunday 12 May - Yann Lejeune
On purchase of a combined ticket for a visit to the WOM + magic show.
Languages: FR, NL
Show duration: 45 min
Please note: places are limited!
Veillez à arriver au début du créneau choisi afin de terminer votre visite avant l'heure de fermeture du lieu d'exposition.