Tour & taxis, shed 4bis, 1000 Brussels
The experience
In a museum of 1500m², exercise your senses and challenge your brain in a colourful universe! Dedicated to the five senses, our perceptions and illusions, the WOM is scientific but also recreational.

Enjoy this exceptional experience which questions reality as we perceive it and where science meets fun!

Discover famous illusions such as the mirror room or the vortex but also experiences never seen before in Belgium. Get ready for a visit full of surprises and emotions!

Come and learn
in the science corners

Throughout your visit, meet the well-known neurologist, author and Francqui Prize winner Steven Laureys in the science corners. Learn about the five senses and the way our brain works, and discover what happens when we interact with illusions and how we treat the information sent by our environment.

Tour & Taxis

The WOM, a confusing brain experience to enjoy in Tour & Taxis, a destination where you can cultivate yourself, eat and attend amazing events in Brussels. See you at the 4bis Shed, next to the Food Market!
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